Residency No 2 – Edie

Wherever My Fingertips Take Me.

Artist: Edie Church

Age: 10

Date: 16/17th February 2017

Why would you like to be Artist in Residence?

“I would like to do the Artist in Residence because I enjoy doing big art projects, making this a great opportunity, which sounds really fun.”

This is how Edie’s residency unfolded:

We began the day the way most studio days begin, with a coffee, a chat and making plans for the day.  Edie settled in to her space and we met to hear her ideas so far. In preparation for the residency Edie made a mind map responding to the sentence: Wherever my fingertips take me. Megan and Ali told Edie about their work and Edie told them the kinds of things she likes to make. We rolled out a big piece of paper and got thinking, doodling and scribbling possibilities.

A few ideas that came up in our mind mapping session were:

  • A picture you step into/ wearing it/stepping inside the picture
  • Fingers being a key – your finger prints let you into your phone, a secret door
  • Finger prints show your identity and look like maps. A map of who you are
  • Using gloves in some way

Ideas whirring we headed to the Scrapstore. With an empty suitcase ready to fill and £10 budget in her pocket Edie explored the materials on offer…

Finding a treasure trove of thick cardboard panels, Edie’s idea of making a painting you could step inside, developed into building a small room to go inside. Other finds included old ring binders, which were spring like and wobbly, tiny plastic mushrooms, an old sweet jar, a box of latex gloves and a selection of till rolls. We headed back to the studio for a working lunch finalising ideas and making a plan, then it was on with the making.

Edie had a really clear vision of what her installation would become. Inspired by a few days over half term spent at her Grans farm, Edie noticed when blown up rubber gloves looked like Udders. Making an ‘Udder’ world filled with hands, a hand inspection point, and a mini finger puppet world were the ideas so far. After an afternoon getting started with making Edie’s final job was to print hands to make a curtain to get into The Udder World. Edie took cardboard home to draw around her families hands ready to use the following day.

Day 2 began with coffee, hot chocolate (for Edie) and a quick catch up. Edie set straight to work cutting down springs to add to cardboard hands. Next was on to building the structure. Edie used collage to make a mini scene with finger puppets in a box she found at Scrapstore.

Making the final touches to the installation, Edie added a till roll and instructions for visitors to add to a list of ‘all the things their hands had made..’. The hand print curtain went up, udders on the ceiling and spring cardboard hands on the walls. There was time for a quick break inside the Udder World before preparing for the private view.

Continuing the hand theme Edie decided to make refreshments accordingly, so guests were offered, chocolate fingers, shortbread fingers and butter fingers – Yum!

Celebrating a creative residency with a fizzy Ribena or two Edie had a brilliant turn out to her first private view, including several artists based in the BV Studios who were hugely impressed with the installation and Edie’s work. Visitors explored the Udder World, contributed to Edie’s interactions and talked to Edie about her work and her process.

‘Where Ever my Fingertips Take me” is Edie’s first solo exhibition. Here is some of  feedback we received:

“What a wonderful exhibition!! I honestly can’t believe that it was all created in only 2 days!! I really enjoyed entering the ‘udder world’ and talking to you about how you created the work. Good luck with your future projects Edie.

Edie, Congratulations! Your project is brilliant. Well done!!

Great work Edie!

I think this is ACE! I can’t believe how much you have done in 2 days.

Fantastic exhibition  – really enjoyed discovering all the different hands.”

When asked ‘ What is it like to be an Artist?’ Edie said…

I  think I have learnt what it is like to be an artist,  I’ve learnt that you have to think outside of the box (and that anything is possible if you use enough Gaffa tape !!)

THANK YOU EDIE! For all you hard work, ideas, energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. What a wonderful ‘udderly’ brilliant residency! x

Mission accomplished!!





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