Residency No 1 – Ciara.


Artist: Ciara Mulkeen

Age: 8

Date: 26th August 2016

Why would you like to be our first artist in residence?

‘I think it would be exciting to be the first artist in residence because being the first means you need to show people that any age people can do art.  It would be good to be an artist in residence because you’d have lots of fun creating art, you can be wild and think up anything you want and then at the end you can have a party!’

This is how Ciara’s day unfolded…

We met at the studio first thing. Ciara was introduced to the studio and settled in to her space for the day. The theme of this residency was ‘Sunshine’. Over the weeks leading up to the residency Ciara had begun some research to explore the theme as a grounding for her time in M2, sparking ideas about what she wanted to create.

Next – a brainstorming session over coffee and hot chocolates, we made a plan for the day. We talked about all the different forms ‘art’ can take, 2d, 3d, audio, interactive. Ciara decided to test out some site specific work in the public spaces around the studio. We made a site visit to the City Farm, playing with ideas for installations and performances there, before heading to the Scrapstore to source materials to manifest Ciara’s planned artworks.


Returning from the Scrapstore, Ciaras making began…

Thinking about what Sunshine means to her, Ciara documented her likes and dislikes of sunshine and of the summer, creating a tour of Sunshine through the artists eyes; an interactive exhibition to be explored by the visitors to it.

After a busy, busy making session we installed the artworks created over the day and prepared for Ciara’s first private view! Fizzy Vimto, lemonade and Mini Milks at the ready we awaited the private view guests…


‘Shimmering in the Sand’ by Ciara Mulkeen was the result of M2 AIR’s first residency and Ciara’s first solo exhibition. The feedback was great from visitors.

“Wow! Did Ciara really create all of this in a day?”

“I never thought of children as artist and curators!”

When asked ‘What it is like to be an artist?’ Ciara said…

It’s harder work than it looks! All day long you work, then at the end you get the prize of the work you’ve created.”

Thank you Ciara for all your hard work, creative ideas and for being our first ‘Artist in Residence’.




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