About M2 AIR

M2 AIR is an Artist In Residence programme, designed for children.

M2 AIR is been designed and delivered by Social making artists; Megan Clark-Bagnall Ali Brown.

Acting as Sous Artists we support each young artist to respond to a brief, explore ideas, find their vision and create artworks to share them with their community. Collaborating with young artists aged between 7-11 each child is treated an equal artist. They respond to a brief, sign a contract and work to their own schedule, doing everything it takes to create their vision.

Begun in our shared art studio Unit M2, Bristol we have hosted two seasons of residencies working with 10 young artists and their communities. Both culminated in public exhibitions. In 2018 we began working with writer Trevor. H. Smith to support the young artists to describe their work and create Artist Statements. Trevor wrote a review of our most recent exhibition; Perspective is Everything here.

We believe as artists it’s our job to see the world from a different perspective and point to what we see. Children see the world from a different perspective. They are also the future.

Children are people and people are powerful.

The world needs fresh perspective now more than ever – M2 AIR is about giving children a platform as artists. Sharing their perspective with their world. Seeing what they see. Voicing what they think, and sharing what they know.



‘Art makes children powerful’  Bob and Roberta Smith.